How much will my house sell for?

Be careful that the agent is not telling you the price you want to hear! Ask the agent what price would they guarantee (you can always start higher).

How much will it cost me?

Do you want the cheapest agent or the agent that will get you the highest price. Sometimes the cheapest agent is the poorest negotiator.

What Should I do to prepare my house for sale?

You rarely need to spend thousands of dollars to make your home attractive. Buyers are attracted by the appearance of your property and influenced by its atmosphere. Attend to minor repairs, ensure the home is bright and airy. Remove odours.

Should I do major renovations?

This could cost THOUSANDS and place your property in a higher price range, out of reach for some buyers.
Also remember your taste may not appeal to someone else (everyone likes to add their touch).

How much should I spend on advertising?

The internet is free and reaches buyers immediately.
Typical newspaper advertising is expensive and often promotes the agent (make sure it is not your money that is wasted).
Buyers who want to buy in your area know the area.
The area attracts them not the advertising.

Should I have a sign?

The sign will work for you for 24hrs a day and the neighbourhood will talk. The buyers who want to buy in your area will come to your area.

Should I auction my property?

Here’s what the owner of Lakes & Portside has to say – “As an auctioneer with over 25 years of local experience, I have found that in most cases private treaty with a trained negotiator will achieve a higher price than auction. Put simply, an auction will find out how much the runner up will pay, however the highest bidder just makes one more bid! Private negotiators are likely to achieve a higher price than public offers.”

Can we sell without open inspections?

Yes absolutely!
From a professional selling prospective only people who are qualified to purchase should have the right to inspect a property and they should be able to do so at the time most suitable to them and the home sellers not the agent.